Nikki Candelabra – Make a Statement!

Well, doesn’t that just sound fancy when you say it?  I guess it should because look at how beautiful it is!!

Available in
~~Black and

The ever so elegant candelabra makes a definite statement on your table. This piece will dress up any event whether it’s placed on a dinner table, dessert table or gift table, etc. The choices are endless.

Also look at the black candelabra below.  You can use a plate instead of a candle in the center.  The plate can hold floral arrangements or anything decorative to pull in your color to this amazing piece of decor.

One of the most delightful things about these candelabras is their bobeche.  This is a picture of a bobeche  – pronounced bo bash – which is : a glass collar on a candle socket to catch drippings or on a candlestick or chandelier to hold suspended glass prisms.  Isn’t this exquisite?  The bobeche is available in 3″ or 4″ glass pieces and the hardware is available in silver or black.

I always do better when I see the item in a finished setting.  Below is a beautiful table that will work for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, congratulatory dinner, etc.

So, get out there and shop for your candelabras.  People will think you spent way more than you actually did if you buy from

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